Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fork in the Road

So apparently I have failed at keeping up with my crafts. Mostly due to my lack of finishing ANY of my crafts I had planned for over the 7 week break.  Or any of the ones that I thought of during said break.  So here we are, at the beginning of a new semester. Which brings me to a fork in the road. Do I keep on the crafts, or do I branch out and just do everything creative/my life? Hmmm...I am going to choose... ... ... ... ... the new path!

So here is the thing--I am in two art classes this term. One is Drawing 1, which is the basic drawing class. The other is Exploring Photography, which is an introductory photography class for non-art majors.  So I thought that I might share some of that work as well here. I hope you enjoy.

These are the four pictures that I submitted for my first assignment for my photography class. The assignment was to take pictures of one subject. If it was movable, we could move it, but the subject had to the same. Then we were to post our four favorites from what we took. These are mine. 

I also decided to add some additional favorites from that afternoon. Enjoy!

Thanks for viewing!