Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Semester

Okay, so I haven't posted in a long time. Supposedly that was partially so I could focus on school and my new family (aka the boy) since I got married three and a half months ago.  Unfortunately that didn't really help...

So this is the low down of this last semester:

I took 12 credits consisting of a College Reading class (study stills more or less), a Math for the Real World class, an Old Testament class, and a Multivariable Calculus class (because my school has to be different and not offer Calculus 1-4).  It started out fantastic. I was doing all my assignments, going to all my classes (didn't miss one the whole semester!), doing okay on my quizes and such. Then I got sick for like two weeks.  I was having serious difficulty focusing and just keeping food down, let alone understanding the new calculus.  I started slacking a bit in my Old Testament class, and got behind in my calc class. I did kind of okay catching up on the next section, but from there it just went down hill. Terribly down hill. It never seemed like I got that far behind. However, since we only got grades in three things and they were practically never updated, the only time I got to see how I was truly doing was on the tests, and most did badly on that. 

Then two weeks before the end my teacher finally updated the grades...I was failing. It was gonna be really hard to get my self up to the C I needed to graduate. But my teacher felt like it would be possible, barely so, but possible.  So I dug in hard again...and I just wasn't getting it, not to the point I needed to be at to pass.  I had missed too much from the middle of the semester (still hasn't hit me really that it is over, so the middle of the semester doesn't seem that long ago).  Then I got my test three back, I got a 5 out of 50... I have only two quizes (basically a take home test) and the final now to bring up my grade. It isn't gonna happen. Even if I do really well on these (extraordinarily unlikely) I will still get maybe a D. I needed a C to graduate.

And since I am currently on probation, this failing grade will put me on academic suspension. 

What does that mean?

       -I will not be able to register for/attend classes for two consecutive semesters (including--thank goodness--my off-track semester). So I will be able to go back next Spring semester.
       -I will loose my job at the on campus observatory. Which means I am searching for a new job.  So if anyone knows anything for around Rexburg, please let me know.
       -I get to retake my calculus class....oh goody.
       -Yeah that all pretty much sums up what is gonna happen...

The good side is that I got an A in my Math for the real world class (my competitive nature kicked in a bit since Jim was also in the class...He still got a better grade than me...), an A- in my college reading class, and a C+ in my Old Testament class!!! :D I was pretty excited about that. Granted Jim did get four As and two Bs, but who is comparing right? ;)

I am really excited for him and very proud of him. He has worked hard. :)

I will let you all know for sure when I get my grades next week. But it is pretty definite that this is happening, and this is what we are planning for. So PLEASE let me know if you hear of ANYTHING in regards to a job in Rexburg.

I love you all and just wanted to keep you updated on what is going on.  I will try to be better about updating more regular...but you know me :D