Monday, January 7, 2013

A New Semester

And so today marks the beginning of a new semester!!! I am currently off track. This means that while school is in session, I am not taking classes. Though I will begin in taking classes again in April. This isn't anything unusual, but how my schedule is every year. Weird, I know, but that is how my university rolls apparently. :)

So, since I am not taking classes, I am working (and looking for another job). This semester I get to TA a beginning algebra-based physics class. I will be doing all of the homework grading, as well as teaching and grading the lab portion of the class for half of the students. I am super nervous because I have never taught a class like this before. AHHH!!!

Also, tonight I have been asked to start helping run the Astronomical Society. I am pretty excited about this. They are even trying to get the funds together to allow us to go visit the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City. That would be amazing! :)

I just found out that the Physics Department is adding an emphasis option to the major! And they have an Astronomy Emphasis. :D The funny part is I have already taken one class needed, and was planning on one of the others that is needed. Also, the third class needed is a brand new class starting next winter semester. So I kinda was already planning on doing the emphasis, now it will help in my academics! :)

So some good news all around!  Now to finding another job (I really hope!!!) And hopefully I will be able to write tomorrow about the fantastic weekend we had! :)

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